Junior High

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Please note: This post is about the 2018-2019 school year, so it doesn’t apply to current 8th graders.

I’ve shared some information with 6th and 7th grade parents and the 7th grade students about next school year and some changes that are evolving.  As I said to the 7th graders when we met with them, “We are trying to be transparent and give you information well in advance….and at the same time we know the info is incomplete because some things haven’t been finalized yet.  That incompleteness or the unknown can sometimes be difficult to sit with.  One of the advantages of sharing the information in advance is to get some feedback and take it into consideration as we move forward.”

As we anticipated, the main question was going to be about students staying put in their current classroom configuration with their current home base teachers.  As a best practice, we are considering a wide variety of possibilities and weighing the pros and cons of each scenario.  There are pros and cons to keeping the status quo.  There are pros and cons to creating new configurations. Please be assured that we understand the value of any established relationships and will work hard to maintain them…and at the same time I encourage everyone to also see this as an opportunity for the kids to make meaningful connections to other teachers in the junior high.  In the end, we are one big (and loud)  group of 90 amazing students and 11 amazing adults.

I understand that not everyone’s schedule allowed them to attend the presentations this week so I’m sharing my presentation for anyone to review.  I’ve made some edits, based on feedback that I’ve already gotten.

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