Important Questions for Global Citizens

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This is an interesting article from The Atlantic about the value of student travel – the way that travel can provide so many opportunities that can’t be found within the four walls of a school building.  All of the trips we do at NNM require physical stamina, resilience, creative problem-solving, flexibility and compromise, collaboration, courage and more. Whether it’s taking the Blue Line to the Harold Washington Library on a Flex Friday or flying across the Pacific to participate in the Model United Nations in China, we recognize the enormous value that any trip out of the building can provide.

On previous trips – and in particular trips to NPH Honduras and NPH Guatemala – I’ve heard many students and parents talk about their greater appreciation for everything they have back home.  It’s always wonderful to know the students will return home with a deeper sense of how fortunate they are in so many ways.  After spending a week or so without many of their creature comforts, they talk about a renewed appreciation and gratitude for material things and personal/familial relationships.  I like how this article takes that sentiment and carries it one step further by asking what’s a necessity and what’s a luxury, and then asking us to consider that question of “appreciation” from the point of view of the residents of that country you are visiting.  Important questions to keep in mind.

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