“How was your day?”

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Removing the dust from the leaves of a plant

Removing the dust from the leaves of a plant


As parents, when you have been away from your little one, you are so eager to hear about her day.  However, often when you ask her about it, you get very little information!  This is not uncommon for young children because their day is so busy that it might be difficult for them to answer such a “loaded” question. Often they may need a few prompts to help them recall some more specific experiences.  Also, keep in mind young children are often in the present moment, and may not want to recall their day because they just want to enjoy being with you again.  If you’re trying to ask the below questions and you’re not getting much response, that’s okay too!  Do not put too much pressure on her and allow your child to share when she is ready!  Sometimes it is helpful for you to share about your day first.  Modeling this may encourage your child to then share about parts of her day.  Here are some suggested questions you can ask your child to help elicit (hopefully) some more information about the day! I’ve given several examples, not to be asked all on the same day, but try spreading them out over the course of a week or two…

  • Did you work with water today?  What did you do with it?
  • Did you have a snack today?   What were the steps to prepare it?
  • Did you help someone today?  Did anyone help you today?
  • Did you have gathering or line time today?
  • Did you sing a song today?  Do you remember some of the words?
  • What was something you liked most about your day today?
  • Where did you go for recess today, the Playscape, Rooftop, or Courtyard?  What do you enjoy when you are there?

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