“How did I get here?”: Junior High Math Classes

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Our junior high offers eight different math classes.  This large number of classes allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of students and maintain an excellent teacher:student ratio.

Entering into 7th grade, students are placed into a math class based on several factors, including:

  • the content they covered in 9-12
  • recommendations from the 9-12 teachers and Anne Matern
  • recommendations from learning specialists and Ryan Rosenfeld, who covers a lot of math for 6th graders
  • individual learning styles
  • end-of-6th grade placement test
  • Kahn Academy work and progress over the summer

Because we have fine-tuned our process, we have an excellent track record of placing students in the most appropriate class.  Sometimes, however, a student or teacher feels that a student might be able to move up to the next class.  In that case, the teacher of the student’s class would give them an abbreviated “final exam” covering all of the material the students in the current class will learn that year.  If the student scores well enough (usually 85% or higher), to prove they have mastered that class’s material, we will consider moving them into the next class.

7th grade math classes cover preparation for pre-algebra, transitions/pre-algebra and junior high algebra

8th grade math classes cover pre-algebra, junior high algebra and advanced junior high algebra (with some geometry)

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