Getting Out of the Building: Flex Fridays

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One of the unique aspects of our program is the fact that we have blocked off most Friday afternoons to allow our classes to leave the building and take advantage of everything the lovely city of Chicago has to offer.  We are so fortunate to have excellent access to the Blue Line and several main bflexfridayccus routes, not to mention a very walkable city.

Some academic goals for Flex Fridays include learning to use CTA fare cards; practicing public transportation etiquette and safety; becoming familiar with the neighborhoods of Chicago; and gaining access to various Chicago landmarks, museums and cultural institutions.  Some less-obvious (but equally important) goals include creative problem-solving, collaboration, time management, teamwork, confidence and fun.

Flex Fridays are in integral part of the NNM Junior High program.  Please help us maintain that aspect of your child’s weekly work by avoiding the Friday 12:00-3:30 time slot when planning dental appts., doctor’s visits, etc.

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