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“Because once you start doing for your children what they can do for themselves, there is a tragic feedback loop which receives from and expresses to both parties, parent and child. The less your child does for himself, the less you think he is able to do. The less you think he is able to do, the less he thinks he is able to do. The less he thinks he is able, the more convincing he becomes to you that he is not. I am feeling anxious just writing about it.”

Wendy Calise, the Head of School at Countryside Montessori in Northbrook, pulls no punches.  She’s thought-provoking and energizing. Check out her opinions on Gateway Parenting.  Do you agree?

Here’s her resume, which clearly qualifies her to speak with authority on the subject:

Wendy Calise is the Head of School at Countryside Montessori School in Northbrook, IL, where she has been a lifelong resident for 50 years. She is the mother of three, ages 12, 15 and 19 years. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in psychology in 1988 and holds a Masters of Middle School Science from DePaul University. Before her role as Head of School, Wendy taught classes of children ages three to twelve for nineteen years. She currently teachers middle school math. She holds Association Montessori Internationale diplomas at the Primary and Elementary Levels. In 2009 she founded the Montessori Teachers Institute for Professional Studies which offers a variety of professional development opportunities for Montessori teachers as well as support for teachers and schools in the form of mentorship and consultation.

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