First days of school!

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Back to School Mantle



You know NNM is a special place when the children are bouncing happily into school, excited to see their teachers, delighted to meet old friends and eager to welcome new ones…and they are thrilled to get back into the classroom and begin their work!

Observing in the classrooms  is always the best part of my job!  Seeing the children returned from their summer vacations, it is always so peaceful to see how they enter their classrooms with confidence and a great sense of purpose and fulfillment.

We are beginning to welcome new students as well, who are building relationships with the other teachers and children, learning the routines of the classroom, and are so curious about all the materials on the shelves!

Montessori’s 3-year age span in the classroom allows for the children to support each other in the true sense of a community. In a home-like atmosphere, the older children, like older siblings, guide the younger children and show them “the ropes.”  The younger children look up to these mentors, who take great pride in the responsibilities they hold in the classroom.

There are so many beautiful benefits that come from this multi-age classroom approach. It allows for the children to have ample experiences learning to collaborate, communicate, and empathize.  As children support each other in their daily works, they are solidifying concepts, developing patience and strengthening their confidence.

A great question to ask your child about his/her day (regardless if they are one of the older ones or younger ones) is:

“Were you able to help a friend today?”  Or, “Were you able to receive help from a friend today?”


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