End of the School Year!

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“pure joy” (photo credit: Glickman Family)


It’s amazing how quickly the school year has flown by!  What a special evening it was at the NNM 0-6 picnic (pictured above)!

There are so many wonderful relationships that have been created throughout this year: parents and teachers, teachers and children, children and their peers! It’s always beautiful to see how much the children have flourished over the course of a year. They have grown in their confidence and independence; they have made strides in learning how to be together in community; their focus and concentration is lengthening; they ask thoughtful questions and seek out innovative answers and solutions.

With summer nearly upon us, I wish you all a fun-filled, relaxing, and joyful time with your family.  I hope you get to experience the many riches the summer and city have to offer!

If you are looking for a little inspiration, here are some ideas for the summer (I’ve included a blog post of mine from last year as well, with additional ideas and links)!

* Visit different parks (Oz, Maggie Daley, Mary Bartleme, Millennium…)

* Visit different ice cream places (Margie’s, Scooter’s, Black Dog…)

* Ask your child(ren) of ways they can be helpful (in the neighborhood, to family/friends), hopefully they will come up with great ideas on their own, but if they need some suggestions: bake goodies, pick up trash, send a note, paint outdoor furniture (table, chair, bench)

* Have a picnic at the Farmessori (you can check out more information here:  http://www.nnms.org/academic-programs/farmessori/)

* If your child is starting to write (remember, they will probably not have accurate spelling as they may still be writing phonetically), have them journal highlights from their day or week, or write stories, letters, or notes to friends/relatives.

* Have your child start a collection (shells from the beach, coins, pressed flowers or leaves) and as this collection grows, encourage your child to count them out in groups of 10.

Here is the post I wrote last year with other ideas/articles:  http://www.nnms.org/summer/ and here is another article I really enjoyed (the author references Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting, a book I highly recommend as well): How Chicago Families Can Simplify Their Summer

Have a wonderful summer!

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