Empowering Our Girls!

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This powerful 12-minute video is worth watching, whether you are the parent of a son or daughter–it’s a great message, reminding us to shift the culture of learning so that girls and boys take more risks, feel comfortable with failure, and feel brave knowing they can keep trying again and again– building resiliency!

In continuing the spirit of International Woman’s Day, here are some other great resources to check out if you’re not familiar with them already (again, please check out whether you are the parent of a girl or boy!):

A Mighty Girl Website has so much to offer–great book suggestions, inspiring stories about women in history and also amazing stories about young girls today, innovating, creating and making a difference in the world!

A favorite book that my girls (and I) love to read is Rosie Revere Engineer!  This website, inspired by the book, has some great resources to encourage “tinkering” and innovation!

If you’re not familiar with Home Depot’s Free Kids Workshop (1st Saturday of the month), it’s a great opportunity for children to build, create, and work with materials and/or tools they may not otherwise explore with!

Thanks for reading!  If you have other great resources, links, etc. you would like to share, I’d love to know about them!


Reena (rvmorgan@nnms.org)


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