Do less, Do it Better

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Elementary children are expected to be generalists or Renaissance learners. On any given day, they may be researching panda habitats, attempting calligraphy, learning long division, perfecting their free throw, all while navigating the complicated social whirl of the classroom. It can be exhausting, but necessary in the process of learning. Sometimes it makes me appreciate being an adult, even if I have to pay the bills.

Which is why I don’t understand why our modern parenting culture demands Renaissance parenting. We are adults, we can specialize! My handmade valentines were Pinterest fails, I sat with the opposing team’s fans at my first high school wrestling match and I told my children until they were ten,”I didn’t believe in birthday parties.” Yes, I have shortcomings but there are many parenting jobs I do well and deeply enjoy.  Reading to my children, especially the books I had loved as a child. Cooking favorite dishes was a strength. I also worked hard to listen, even when the subject was wholly uninteresting to me, like Cubs baseball.

So instead of getting bogged down in trying to do everything perfectly, focus on what you love and spend your energy there. Do less, Do it better.

Posted in 6-12 - Anne Matern