Coming Next Week: Junior High Canoe Trips!

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When: Students should arrive on Monday, Sept. 11, at their usual school time.  We will give them instructions on where to place their luggage until the buses arrive.  Typically, we load the bus and depart between 8:45-9:00.  The trips arrive back at NNM on Thursday, Sept. 14, at 2:00.
Where (use this to check the weather before your child packs): 
  • Broz – Ontario, WI
  • Madgiak – Wellston, MI
  • Castiglione/Clemmons – Edinburgh, IN



Who (each trip includes four adults):

  • Meg Broz, Gregg Sparks, Jamee Warrenfeltz, Taylor Linsner
  • Mike Madgiak, Annie Spencer, Alice Foreman, Joe Phillips
  • Cynthia Castiglione, Jamie Clemmons, Jimmie Felton, Bianca Grove
Objectives:  Our primary purpose of the trip is community building.  The trip allows the students to get to know each other, the students to get to know the teachers and teachers to get to know the students, all in a casual format.  The trip sets the tone for the year and provides many positive memories, as well as very real physical challenges.
Additionally, there are multiple opportunities to practice solving problems, communicating effectively, maintaining a positive attitude (despite any obstacles) and balancing group needs with individual needs.
Typical agenda: 
Day 1: Travel to the site, set up camp, grocery shop, get oriented, cook the first dinner
Day 2 & 3: Arise and eat breakfast, pack lunch, canoe or kayak several hours (depending upon the weather), relax and hang out, cook dinner, clean up, play group games, build a fire, tell stories, roast marshmallows and maybe visit a graveyard
Day 4: Arise and eat breakfast, pack up equipment, pack tents, clean the camp site, load the bus and head back to NNM.  The buses are scheduled to arrive back at NNM around 2:00.
Safety and health: These are always our top priorities.  As with any outdoor adventure there is the possibility of a scrape, bump, bruise, bug bite and upset stomach.  Please be sure you’ve submitted ALL of the necessary medical information to School Nurse Elise so we can keep your child safe and healthy.
Preparation: Today and tomorrow, we put the students through Canoe Trip 101.  They get a chance to get into a canoe in the NNM swimming pool, practice putting up a tent, “sharpen” their knife skills in a campfire cooking class and learn the outline for telling an effectively scary story.
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