Back to School!

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This exciting NEW equipment will be on the rooftop for the children to climb on! (thank you Jerome for putting it together)!

This exciting NEW climbing dome will be on the rooftop for the children! (Thank you, Jerome, for putting it together)!

The teachers have been back for over a week now and are ready and excited to welcome your children soon!  At the end of each school year, classrooms are “taken down” before the start of summer so that our wonderful maintenance staff can re-finish floors, paint walls, wash carpets…

At the start of the new school year, this gives the teachers an opportunity to be innovative and try a different layout in their classrooms.  While all the classrooms have the same Montessori materials and curricular areas, each classroom has the autonomy to set up the environment in a way that will flow well with their particular space and with their particular students in mind.

Teachers meticulously make sure that the materials are beautiful and inviting to the children. The teachers also spend much time thinking about and testing out the set up of the materials, making sure they practical, purposeful and in proper order.  For example, no chips in the pitchers for hand-washing, the layout of the materials follow a logical sequence, the tray of a particular work is the right size and weight for little hands, the tools used for artwork invite good fine motor grasp, and so much more!

We are looking forward to the new children visiting their classrooms, their “children’s house,” for the first time on Tuesday morning (9/8) for their scheduled mini-visit.  Returning children will be eager to begin their work starting Wednesday morning (9/9)! All new children will begin their first day (regular schedule) according to their assigned phase in day (Sept. 10 – 14).

The teachers and I are also looking forward to seeing parents at Back to School Night on Friday, September 11th.  Parents new to the 3-6 program (either moving up from Toddlers or new to school) should plan to attend the Orientation meeting beginning at 5:30pm in the Little Theater.  Returning parents should arrive at their child’s classroom at 6:15pm. Parents of 2nd and 3rd year children should have signed up (via a google doc in Evite) to bring a drink or food to share (thank you for this contribution)!

I’m looking forward to welcoming you soon and especially to having your wonderful children back in the classrooms, filling the air with wonder, joy, and excitement!  Should you have any questions, you can email me at

Enjoy the long weekend!

My Best – Reena

P.S. Here are some pictures of the classrooms earlier this week (when they were still getting ready)!

Metta's class

Metta’s class


Lydia's class

Lydia’s class


Juan's class

Juan’s class


Vinkle's class

Vinkle’s class


Amy and Annie's class

Amy and Annie’s class


Nancy's class

Nancy’s class


April's class

April’s class


Wendy's class

Wendy’s class

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