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Near North Montessori expects that our graduates will be familiar with modern learning technologies and able to harness their power to problem-solve and pursue knowledge throughout their lives. We offer 9–12 and 12–14 students  inspiring and engaging learning experiences and opportunities to use computers, iPads, digital devices and the Internet to facilitate learning, communication, collaboration and global awareness. We encourage the most productive and pedagogically sound uses of our network, promote safe habits among our users and ensure the safety of our connected community.

Students begin the NNM technology curriculum when they enter 9 – 12 by attending lessons in the Technology Lab, including basic skills and keyboarding, digital literacy, computational thinking, programming and robotics. 9-12 and 12-14 classrooms are well equipped with MacBooks Pros and iPads for student use and technology is embedded within other curricular areas – social science, language arts, mathematics, and science. Students start to use Google Apps for Education in the 6th grade, but do not receive an NNM email until Junior High.

Read more about student work with robotics, science and math in after school activities here.