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The Parent/Infant Community is an introduction to the Montessori method for children and parents. The program fosters the child’s development through exploration of thoughtfully designed materials, aiding and refining the child’s language, motor, social-emotional and cognitive growth. Being in Community and engaging in materials and activities such as puzzles, preparing food, and hand-washing, helps the child foster skills in independence, coordination and confidence.

The parent’s role in the class is to observe, support and encourage the natural development of the child, with the guidance of the teacher in a supportive and nurturing environment. Monthly parent education meetings are offered throughout the school year as a chance for parents to enrich their knowledge of child development, Montessori philosophy and gain practical parenting tips and guidance.  

  • For ages 6 months – 23 months (by September 1)
  • Offered once a week, Thursday 3pm – 5pm OR Friday 8:45am – 10:45pm
  • Class Size: 12 Children, accompanied by 1 adult/caretaker

For more information and insight check out primary director Reena Morgan’s blog as well as the Parent/Infant FAQ.