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The Farmessori at NNM is an urban farm located a few blocks from the main building. Through their cooperative work on the farm, students learn essential skills such as growing produce, understanding the food cycle, and learning botany in a hands-on way. The Farmessori connects with our school’s social justice and sustainability curriculum. Lessons lead to engaging conversations about sustainability, stewardship of the earth and equal access to good nutrition.

Students of all levels learn to care for chickens and honey bees. During the warm months, students are busy cultivating and harvesting a wide variety of vegetables and flowering plants. Throughout the Winter, students maintain crops inside the Farmessori’s greenhouses, nurture seedlings in grow labs located throughout the school, and finally transport those seedlings into the gardens when Spring arrives. This authentic experience connects to classroom lessons on plant classification, flower and seed anatomy, root types, the water cycle, and ecology.

Junior High students working in the Sandwich Shop make an effort to plan meals for students and staff based around the seasonal Farmessori harvest. Produce from the Farmessori is harvested and preserved so that it may be used year-round both in Sandwich Shop and Community Exchange.  Junior High students also sell farm fresh produce to the NNM community at a market stand in the fall. In this way, students have the opportunity to participate in an authentic farm to table partnership.

For more information on the Farmessori, please contact the Urban Farm Coordinator Joe Phillips at

Check out the Farmessori in this introductory video. View photos of the farm by NNM parent photographer Julia Tulley here.

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