6 to 9 year old

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Marcela'sClassBeginning with the origins of our planet, students in 6 – 9 explore the mysteries of our universe as they learn to place themselves within the context of modern civilization. Great lessons, such as the Story of the Universe, the Timeline of Life, the Story of Human Beings, the Story of Numbers and the Story of Language, expose students to a wide variety of curricular areas including mathematics, language, geography, botany zoology, history and physical science, fostering their fertile imagination.

The teacher presents lessons as individual instruction as well as in small groups to provide students with the opportunity to learn to listen and respect the ideas and thoughts of others in their group. It also allows the teacher to easily observe what the student is learning and encourages a dynamic relationship fostered by inquiry and discussion. Weekly individual teacher-student conferences allow students to choose their work with adult guidance and students cultivate independent learning through work journals where the children record their activities throughout the day. Learning takes place in many locations including the library, garden and frequent small field trips around the city.

Spanish classes are offered twice a week to expose students to diverse Spanish speaking cultures as well as introduce them to the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Additional learning includes exposure to fine arts, Farmessori, team sports, dance, yoga and swimming as well as a five-day camping trip in Wisconsin.

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