3 to 6 year old

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At the Primary level, children are integrated into a mixed-aged classroom, with peers ranging between the ages from 3 to 6 years of age. Each class is thoughtfully balanced by age, gender and diversity. The 3 to 6 Montessori curriculum and materials allow for exploration and development through hands-on learning. Below are the five curricular areas and an overview of their goals:

  • Practical Life: A variety of daily life activities aid in the development of the child’s coordination, concentration, order and independence, responding to the child’s natural request, “Help me to help myself.”
  • Sensorial: Children engage with Montessori materials and manipulatives which refine the senses and develop an understanding of early mathematical concepts through hands on exploration.
  • Math: A variety of Montessori materials are sequentially introduced to develop the child’s understanding of numbers, patterns, and operations, slowly moving from a concrete exploration of quantity to an abstract understanding of numbers.
  • Language: Montessori materials promote a multi-sensory learning of the phonetic alphabet. Children move through a progression of materials to develop their skills in phonetics, writing, pre-reading, and reading skills.
  • Cultural Studies: A variety of cultural subjects such as geography, history, sciences, art and music are offered through the Montessori materials as well as through their own explorations and creative expression.  The Spanish language is also an organic part of the curriculum as each classroom is assisted by at least one Spanish speaking adult.

Monthly parent education meetings are offered throughout the school year as a chance for parents to enrich their knowledge of Montessori philosophy, child development and gain practical parenting tips and guidance.

  • For ages 3 – 5 years (by September 1)
  • Program is 5 days (Monday – Friday)
  • Optional half day program (8:25am -12pm) for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Required full day (8:25am – 3:15pm) for 5 and 6 year olds
  • Class Size: 27 – 30 children

For more information and insight check out primary director Reena Morgan’s blog as well as the 3 to 6 FAQ.