Community Update

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The State of the School: The Year Ahead (video).
Head of School Audrey Perrott and Board President Jerry Krulewitch present to parents of current students.
– Welcome, Board of Directors and Strategic Plan Background, Overall Goals: beginning to 29min, 53 sec
– Budget and Tuition Information: starts 29min, 55 sec
– 21st Century Skills: Relevance of Montessori Today: starts 39min, 30 sec

As part of our Strategic Plan and Vision, we are excited to share an update on the comprehensive branding project that is currently in progress at the school.  As you may know, as part of the up front research for the project, we talked to over 50 parents and teachers last spring about what Near North Montessori stands for today.

You can now read the NNM Community Branding Update (ppt file for internal use only).  Please read the executive summary or dive into the full report and appendices, depending on your level of interest and time.  Feel free to direct questions to either Diane Cohen  or Karen Daugherty, the parent volunteer leading the branding project.
We would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Karen. Her work on this project has had a profound impact on how we define ourselves as a school, message our brand and bring focus to what is important to the NNM community. We are deeply grateful to Karen for her incredible contribution of time and talent.