Portrait of a Graduate

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Near North Montessori graduates move on to the most academically challenging, competitive selective enrollment high schools in the city. They also go to performing arts high schools, private schools, and schools with International Baccalaureate programs. But what’s more important is that they thrive wherever they go. Near North empowers students with the critical thinking, creativity and responsibility they need to navigate high school, college and the world.


Recent NNM alums visit the school.

Lifelong learners

  • problem solve creatively and not accept only one right answer to a problem
  • comprehend, synthesize, evaluate and apply new knowledge
  • determine saliency of information
  • find appropriate resources to solve a problem
  • maintain an open mind to new ideas
  • express her/himself in writing, in speech and through the arts
  • understand that all areas of study overlap and contribute to the human experience
  • be familiar with modern learning technologies
  • pursue gaining knowledge throughout the rest of her/his life

Strong sense of integrity

  • be honest and authentic
  • put forth serious effort in any endeavor
  • persevere in the face of adversity
  • accept personal responsibility for her/his choices and actions
  • practice self-discipline
  • respect and care for her/his physical body and mind

Strong sense of community

  • contribute positively in a community
  • have an awareness that s/he is part of a larger whole and that her/his choices and actions impact others
  • have patience for her/himself and for others
  • maintain a sense of responsibility for others
  • nurture younger children, work with peers and respect legitimate authority
  • cooperate within any setting to help create a peaceful and positive environment
  • care for our social and ecological environment
  • contribute to the harmony of the School, city, country and global community

Demonstrate a concern for others

  • be aware of the needs of others
  • empathize with others
  • appreciate diversity in all of its forms
  • give generously of talent, material and/or financial support to those in need
  • respect all religious and belief systems that promote harmonious living

Practice civility

  • respect her/himself, others, materials and the environment
  • practice self-control that prevents her/him from rudeness or insensitivity toward others
  • be able to disagree without being disagreeable

Demonstrate leadership skills

  • model positive behavior for others
  • be proactive in problem-solving
  • have the courage and confidence to question unfair, abusive, or disrespectful authority
  • make choices that benefit the larger community