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Audrey Perrott, Head of School
Chris Ambroso, Junior High Director
Anne Matern, Elementary Director
Reena Morgan, Primary Director
Jenelle Sullivan, Admissions Director
Doug Adolph, Interim Advancement Director
Linda Rudnick, Finance Director
Robert Hart, Facilities & Operations Director
Mieko Yoshida, Facilities & Operations Director (transitional year with Robert)
Lauren Collins, Diversity Director
Carrie Berlacher, Human Resources Director
Janeen Cohen, Educational Technology Director
Kandyce Woods, Programs Director
Dr. Caroline Adelman, Director of Student Wellness and Support Services
Nate Lyons, PE/Athletic Director

The following are characteristics that define and inspire the faculty culture at Near North Montessori. While this list applies primarily to the teaching staff, it is followed and embraced in spirit by every employee of the school.

  • Actively promote the mission and work to achieve the goals of NNM
  • Exhibit an understanding of Montessori philosophy through classroom practices
  • Create an environment of mutual respect, rapport and fairness
  • Show concern for academic, emotional, physical and the social well-being of our students
  • Are committed to and promote the mission of our diversity statement
  • Communicate respectfully and professionally
  • Seek to improve teaching techniques and strategies when interacting with children
  • Are aware of individual student needs and make appropriate accommodations based on those needs
  • Contribute to an overall positive atmosphere in the school
  • Exhibit a willingness to learn and commitment to professional development
  • Actively advocate for and are allies for students

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